Parent Testimonials

To enroll our child into the IBDP programme at DBIS was one of the best decisions we took as parents. It is simply amazing to see how our son has transformed himself in front of our eyes. He is allowed to freely think and express himself.

Teachers strive to go the extra mile to ensure children develop and grow every day. The collaboration and care between teachers and young learners must be seen to be believed.

These young learners truly demonstrate a spirit of Co-opetition, where both Co-operation and Competitiveness co-exits beautifully.

High caliber teachers make learning so meaningful that our son looks forward to each day in excitement.The Student-Teacher ratio for IBDP is extremely low, so personalized learning becomes a reality as each young learner gets special attention.

The icing on the cake is the infrastructure at DBIS and the outdoor sports facilities….probably the best for any day school in India, thus ensuring true all round development.

DBIS is at the forefront in ensuring these young learners become compassionate human beings who demonstrate sound values.

As responsible citizens who will contribute in unique and very effective ways, DBIS’s IBDP programme ensures that these young learners are ready to take on the world.

Mrs. Shaila and Mr. Anil Noronha

Parents of Joshua Noronha , IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)

The IBDP is like an uncharted territory for many of us. The school has provided a detailed textured map to enable our children to find their way with the school’s aid. The experienced teachers are always at hand with the best of facilities even in times of constraint. The syllabus, while taxing, has inherent tools which motivate hard workers like my child to be involved in various extra-curricular platforms to explore all the facets of her personality. It makes her want to do more for her school, others and herself. We are satisfied with her progress and we are glad that she continued in DBIS.

Ms. Jesal Mehta

Mother of Mehek Mehta, IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)

One and a half months ago we saw ourselves at the start line of IBDP at DBIS.
On that start line we thought Why IBDP at DBIS?
Well, even though we are still just at the beginning, our reasons to choose DBIS were the following..
Firstly, DBIS upholds the values and ethos required to be responsible global citizens.
Secondly, the DBIS team has been making sure that each child reaches his/her own highest potential by giving them lots of opportunities to discover their true capabilities and to do their best.
Also, this global crisis that we are currently facing, has not deterred DBIS from continuing with extra curricular activities, CAS,sports and celebrations! Be it MUN or PE or Celebration of the World Humanitarian day!
The efforts put in by the teachers, actually guiding the students with their projects, career guidance and events, encouraging and motivating the children to become out-of-the-box thinkers, believers of hard work and to do more, is truly commendable.
And of course, in academics too, the painstaking measures by the teachers to ensure that each child works along with them, is something we really appreciate.
Lastly, the infrastructure at DBIS is the best we can get in our city.
We truly have witnessed this holistic, overall growth and development in our daughter. It’s  the efforts, love, & care showered on her from every single member of the DBIS family that has helped her progress so beautifully into the process of giving her best to everything!
Ms.Raksha Muni

Mother of Vritee Muni, IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)