Dear Fr. Crispino, Meena Ma’am,

As we looked at the latest Almanac, we realised that it’s almost a year since Covid disrupted the usual functioning of the school. This year has been a topsy turvy one, though one where we as parents got a nice glimpse of the classroom and experienced how DBIS went about responding to an unprecedented situation for which nobody in the world had a ready answer. We take a moment to share a small bit out of the many things we learnt, and we highlight the one thing that stood out above all. First and foremost, it was evident that DBIS was unfazed and responded with a lot of careful deliberation and planning. Challenges were met with ingenuity, experimentation and bold steps forward; such as the online communication and interaction portals which made sure that everyone moves ahead in step and beat.DBIS maintained a high bar in academics, added several wonderful new teachers to the team and was possibly among the few schools on this planet which earnestly continued with their sports programme against all odds, in order to provide children with the opportunity and encouragement to stay fit.
There must have been several setbacks and surprises, but each was met with resilience and nimbleness as the school always found a way to bounce back. It was delightful to see DBIS not just stick to its core values and beliefs but use them as a compass to navigate in these tough times. And, we certainly discovered what our teachers are made of. While everyone struggled to keep their wits about them, our teachers maintained high professional standards – while also managing their own homes and children in this chaotic time. Dear Father, a couple of years ago, we remember you speaking about the strenna of ‘accompaniment’ and its importance. We saw it demonstrated beautifully this year! Our teachers were right next to our children, without letting physical or digital distance come in the way. They connected and showed immense patience in following through whenever more help was needed. They have not just been teachers, but true caregivers. A year like 2020 can deflate anybody and each child must have experienced moments that brought a slump in their morale and enthusiasm. However, the routine of the school provided an anchoring of normalcy and the optimism and die-hard enthusiasm of the teachers and school leadership provided the much needed emotional recharge for the children and helped them pull through.
We will never really fathom how bad things could have become had there not been the daily presence of teachers and the comforting mood and tempo they provided to the day. Calamities test Character, and we can say proudly that not only did we pass the test but discovered several treasures of mind and spirit that DBIS possessed, which may have been hidden to the outside world. In this small way, we express our gratitude to this indomitable spirit of our teachers – which has kept the flame burning bright. We look forward to ending this year on a high and after a well-deserved summer break, see DBIS emerge stronger, nimbler and more spirited.

May the experiences of this year boost us for years to come! Our Fondest Regards and Best wishes

Smita & Ameya Naniwadekar


Respected Mam,

       I Gunjan Jain  parent of Pehel Jain  would like to share my feelings regarding the Consultation meetings  held on Zoom this weekend. We are still in the midst of the lockdown hence could not be physically present for the consultation  but nothings seems to have changed at DBIS . Teaching and learning has continued with the same rigour although the classrooms are on the virtual platform . Like to appreciate the flow of school and the work done by all the teachers.

       Mam when I attended the consultation meetings it was just like the one we used to have during our regular school days . It was so satisfactory that it didn’t matter that we are not present  in the school physically. I don’t know how the other  schools function but I am proud to be part of DBIS. The manner in which the meetings were organised ,the timings , the punctuality and the flow was something which must have required a lot of planning   by all of you teachers and the management .
        I am so confident that both my daughters are in your hand and feel so confident that they will learn the best as their gurus are the best.
Thanking the whole Dbis team … Thanks a lot 🙏
Gunjan Jain

Parent of Pehel Jain

Hi Meena! I just wanted to let you know that the Consultation today was absolutely fantastic!! And every single one of the teachers are brilliant!! All of them!! Never in my 5 years at DBIS have I felt this!! I am so glad I attended today and had a chance to meet them! They are super in their subjects and handled this meeting with a confidence that can only come with the knowledge that they are super!! Kudos to you and Anita for putting this together! And a deep deep heartfelt thank you for this incredible team.


Grade VI

To enroll our child into the IBDP programme at DBIS was one of the best decisions we took as parents. It is simply amazing to see how our son has transformed himself in front of our eyes. He is allowed to freely think and express himself.
Teachers strive to go the extra mile to ensure children develop and grow every day. The collaboration and care between teachers and young learners must be seen to be believed.
These young learners truly demonstrate a spirit of Co-opetition, where both Co-operation and Competitiveness co-exits beautifully.
High caliber teachers make learning so meaningful that our son looks forward to each day in excitement.The Student-Teacher ratio for IBDP is extremely low, so personalized learning becomes a reality as each young learner gets special attention.
The icing on the cake is the infrastructure at DBIS and the outdoor sports facilities….probably the best for any day school in India, thus ensuring true all round development.
DBIS is at the forefront in ensuring these young learners become compassionate human beings who demonstrate sound values.
As responsible citizens who will contribute in unique and very effective ways, DBIS’s IBDP programme ensures that these young learners are ready to take on the world.
Mrs. Shaila and Mr. Anil Noronha

Parents of Joshua Noronha, IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)

Dear Meena Ma’am,

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your entire team for organizing these webinars for us parents and also for our children. During these absolutely unprecedented times it’s really hearting to know that the school management is aware of the challenges that we parent’s and also are kids our facing. The empathy and the awareness to address these underlying issues is what sets DBIS apart from all other school.
We are absolutely blessed and proud to be a part of such an amazing educational family. I would also like to mention that we are elated with the way the school has managed to put into effect such an effective and successful platform for online education, including keeping our kids fit and active. The fitness challenge really helped the kids push themselves out of their complacency. We truly appreciate all the efforts and hardwork put in by the teachers, staff and management team to make this an easy transition for us and our kids.
The transition for our child from grade 5 to grade 6 has been remarkably smooth. The hardwork and efforts put in by the teachers has been outstanding. The teaching, the practice, the revisions everything has been par excellence. 
Thank you once again and wishing you and your team all the best.
God Bless.
Tina and Jayesh Faria


To the school,

I have been working on this letter to all the teachers in my mind over past 4 months. I just haven’t been so sure how to put it across. Today I decided the best way to start is just begin.
While world around is going virtual for our children, certainly one thing real for them are teachers, who are humans, humanitarians and preaching the practice of being humans to the next generation basis education.
Here comes my two days of experience on the occasion of consultation record with Home room teachers as well as specialist teachers.
An extremely well-planned virtual meeting coordinated by Ms. Meena Saldanha, Ms. Gladys Gonsalves, Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas and Team ICT led me to our specialist teachers. The punctuality, the patent of DBIS was well maintained in this online consultation too.
The teachers were not only well organized about a particular student’s school dairies but also knew where exactly the problem exists and what improvising is needed. At the same time, they knew her or his strength story too.
I was extremely impressed by the Home Room Teachers gesture of keeping the examples ready which is an exact area of concern.
Most importantly, each teacher had maintained the decorum of warmth in spite of the day long job to address all the parents. Their approachability was fantastic. The whole process was virtual but it had a real school impact.

Through this testimony I would like to thank specially,
Home room Teachers
For Grade 1 A:
Ms. Neha Bajaj
Ms. Snovia Godinho
For Grade 3A:
Ms. Anupama Chaturvedi
Ms. Poonam Khalsa
Specialist Teachers
Ms. Devika Naidu
Ms. Andrea Fernandes
Mr. Vaibhav Chinchalkar
Ms. Kejal Gadani
Ms. Prajakta Patil

Roopashri Sinha

Mother to, Bhargavi Sinha – Grade 3A and Aryaveer Sinha – Grade 1A

The IBDP is like an uncharted territory for many of us. The school has provided a detailed textured map to enable our children to find their way with the school’s aid. The experienced teachers are always at hand with the best of facilities even in times of constraint. The syllabus, while taxing, has inherent tools which motivate hard workers like my child to be involved in various extra-curricular platforms to explore all the facets of her personality. It makes her want to do more for her school, others and herself. We are satisfied with her progress and we are glad that she continued in DBIS.
Ms. Jesal Mehta

Mother of Mehek Mehta , IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)

One and a half months ago we saw ourselves at the start line of IBDP at DBIS.
On that start line we thought Why IBDP at DBIS?
Well, even though we are still just at the beginning, our reasons to choose DBIS were the following..
Firstly, DBIS upholds the values and ethos required to be responsible global citizens.
Secondly, the DBIS team has been making sure that each child reaches his/her own highest potential by giving them lots of opportunities to discover their true capabilities and to do their best.
Also, this global crisis that we are currently facing, has not deterred DBIS from continuing with extra curricular activities, CAS,sports and celebrations! Be it MUN or PE or Celebration of the World Humanitarian day!
The efforts put in by the teachers, actually guiding the students with their projects, career guidance and events, encouraging and motivating the children to become out-of-the-box thinkers, believers of hard work and to do more, is truly commendable.
And of course, in academics too, the painstaking measures by the teachers to ensure that each child works along with them, is something we really appreciate.
Lastly, the infrastructure at DBIS is the best we can get in our city.
We truly have witnessed this holistic, overall growth and development in our daughter. It’s the efforts, love, & care showered on her from every single member of the DBIS family that has helped her progress so beautifully into the process of giving her best to everything!
Raksha Muni

Mother of Vritee Muni , IBDP-Year-1(Grade XI)

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