Sports Program

Our Sporting Partner : E7 Fitness

E7 Fitness was founded by international hockey player Edgar Mascarenhas in the year 2012 and completes a decade this April.

E7 Fitness was the pioneer in the kid`s fitness space and was the 1st service provider specific to conducting fitness programs for kids as an After School fitness activity.

E7 stands for the 7 Essential Elements of Fitness, the 7 verticals or pillars on which all its programs revolve around. The 7 Elements are: Stamina/Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Agility, Coordination and Balance.


Its trademark SPORTS CONDITINING PROGRAM was the 1st of its kind in Mumbai and is widely used now in many sports training programs.

Performance Fitness Program enhances sports performance and is integrated in many PE and Sports Programs.

Early Years Program for kindergarten students is a run as a Sports Sense Integration Program to enhance Sensory Perception and identify sensory processing disorders early.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM is used in many schools across Mumbai.

SPORTS PROGRAMS: sports specific programs and sports specialization programs are tailor made according to requirements E7 also conducts Team Building Bootcamps, Playdates, Fitness Themes Bootcamps and Parties.

E7 Fitness currently conducts all sports related activities at DBIS including the Inclusive Sports Program, Specialized Training Program and the Early Years Program.


True to the spirit of a Don Bosco institution, DBIS`s USP is Sports! The sports department`s tagline aptly reads “Educate Through Sports.”

At DBIS, the approach to learning is holistic. Sports is an integral part of the school's curriculum and is integrated into the daily time table. Multiple sports and PE programs run across the different sections of the school.

In the Inclusive Sports Program students play for an hour every day of the academic year. This program is a multi-sports program which is integrated into the school`s PE program. The main objective of the program is to promote Physical Literacy by achieving Competence of Movement. This program exposes students to positive and enjoyable sporting experiences through a wide range of sports, activities and games.

The exclusive Specialized Training Program which is conducted after school hours is intense and tough and focuses on specialization in the various sports played at DBIS. The program readies students to compete at inter-school competitions.

The focus of sports at DBIS is not only to develop students in their sporting abilities and skills, but also to promote learning and practicing Important transferable life skills like Social Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Skills. Important attributes that shape the character of a student like Discipline, Leadership Qualities, Dedication, Perseverance, Determination, Responsibility are practiced and imbibed in the students on the sports-field.

At DBIS, sports is also a medium of bringing the community together and making a difference. The Bosco Community Sports Club, an initiative of the Sports Department, aims to build unbreakable bonds between the stakeholders of the community through its various sports activities. The Club`s “Sporting Smiles” outreach program reaches out to the differently abled community by conducting fun sports and games.