Transport Services

Students using the school buses are required to be punctual to their allocated pick-up venues every morning.  Buses will depart from school at 4.10 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Bus Regulations

  • It is expected that students maintain appropriate behaviour at all times.
  • Students may be prohibited from riding the school bus should they be involved in the following infringements:
  • Eating food or drinking beverages on the bus
  • Putting arms, hands or head out of the bus window
  • Throwing objects out of the bus window
  • Getting off of the bus at a point other than the designated drop-off point without permission.
  • Disrespect towards the bus attendants or drivers
  • Any behaviour that jeopardizes the safety of the bus passengers
  • Vandalism
  • Any behaviour that is distracting to the driver
  • Continual misbehaviour or violation of other DBIS rules

Students involved in activities after the scheduled departure of the buses must make their own travel arrangements with the approval and permission of their parents. Details of such activities will be given in the fortnightly Newsletter or mails.