Don Bosco International School is proud to share the results of our 1st batch of  32 students who have performed extremely well in the IGCSE 2019-2020 examinations. These examinations were completed in three sessions Nov 2019, March 2020 and May 2020. 


Congratulations to all our learners and their parents for their support to their children who have come out with flying colours. With 37A* and 54 A’s across 15 subjects, this is indeed a commendable score for the school. 


37% of our students have scored above 80% in their individual subjects. 


The school’s highest scorer is Vritee Muni with 91.8% * 

Followed by:

·         Mathew Da Silva           91.2%

·         Aradhya Rohatgi          90.4%

·         Mehak Mehta               90.4%

.         Trisha Kulkarni              90.2 %           


All students who enrolled for the Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) Award have successfully achieved it and 10 students have received a ‘Distinction’ under the ICE Award. 


These achievements highlight the overall dedication and commitment of our learners who managed to balance their academics with their sports as well as actively participated in the co-curricular activities of the school.


These results would not have been possible if it were not for the guidance, support and help they received from their teachers and the CAIE coordinator, Ms.Anita Antao.


*Please note the average percentage is calculated for best of 5 subjects including FLE English.


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