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Parent's Testimonials

Edgar Sir, I am Khyati (Riyaan Shah’s mother grade 3A)…I dunno what do I say it was a TREAT last evening to walk around the school and see kids play…we were always wondering how our kids play sports as v had never seen them play had only heard them say what happens ... in sports in school but to see them felt so so good…and sir STAMINA all the kids played 6 matches continuously n it was WOW!!! No school has this and if we think and feel proud about our kids it’s because of only ONE PERSON, HIS VISION HIS TEAM…you have worked on their well being, stamina, energy, sportsmanship, teamwork, how to be aggressive when ur on field and like a true sportsman congratulate the other team in case u lose…thank you so much for everything and really happy that we belong to this school and our kids have the privilege to get trained under you…IT WAS TRUELY A CARNIVAL which we experienced for the first time…

Khyati — Mother of Riyaan Shah | Grade 3A

Dear Ms.Meena ma’am,
I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the hardwork and efforts put in by our HRT’s Ms. Bharti and Ms. Jinal. They both have always been very patient and appreciative towards our children whether it’s being the online ... format or be it now as the kids are physically attending school.
Because of all the encouragement and the guidance that they give and this I speak for all my fellow parents…the kids are so confident in everything that they are doing and learning.
Also would like to mention… especially for today, during the passion project presentations…both our HRT’s were super helpful and so caring that we were very touched.
We will always be grateful to them and to you ma’am for all your support and kindness.
With sincerest appreciation,

Asoomi Shah — Class Representative | Sr.KG A

Dear Miss Gladys,This is an appreciation post for our teachers, who helped our 4th and 5th graders participate in the Inter school Maths PBL organised by the IB PYP Mumbai network.We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, Ms. Meena, Ms. Roana and Ms. Namita ... for giving our kids this wonderful opportunity. The dedication with which the teachers helped the kids implement the project was absolutely delightful and something which will help them in their future also.We would like to especially point out the passion and commitment which Ms. Roanna bought to this project and along with Ms.Namita, paved the way for the kids to make a wonderful kitchen garden with the concepts of Maths so beautifully weaved in. Math is anyways a subject which our kids love, but the practicality of this project has elevated their skills to another level. We saw the kids really enjoying the entire process, and it was only Thanks to the efforts of the teachers.We are absolutely blessed and proud to be a part of DBIS. And one of the biggest strengths of DBIS are their fantastic teachers including teachers like Ms. Roanna (5th grade) and Ms. Sabrina (4th grade).Thank you once again.

Meria S Panjikaran — Parent

Parent testimonial for the Online consultation:This method of the open house was very well coordinated, much effective than the physical line up to meet the subject teachers. Well planned time slots, smooth transition, less waiting time, had equal opportunity... to meet all subject teachers, excellent, appreciate all the efforts put in for having such an effective open house for we parents. Thank you.Seamless transition from one breakout room to another,all perfectly coordinated by our very own deft ICT team.Very well-coordinated and perfect Thank you team for a smooth open house .


Parent testimonial for the Online consultation:Take a bow Ms Anita, Ms Pratibha and the IT department of the school Would like to thank the School’s IT department for the effortless coordination of the virtual Open day meeting. All thanks to them the entire meeting wentextremely ... smoothly.


Dear Fr. Crispino, Meena Ma’am,As we looked at the latest Almanac, we realised that it’s almost a year since Covid disrupted the usual functioning of the school.This year has been a topsy turvy one, though one where we as parents got a nice glimpse of the classroom and experienced... how DBIS went about responding to an unprecedented situation for which nobody in the world had a ready answerWe take a moment to share a small bit out of the many things we learnt, and we highlight the one thing that stood out above all. First and foremost, it was evident that DBIS was unfazed and responded with a lot of careful deliberation and planning. Challenges were met with ingenuity, experimentation and bold steps forward; such as the online communication and interaction portals which made sure that everyone moves ahead in step and beat.DBIS maintained a high bar in academics, added several wonderful new teachers to the team and was possibly among the few schools on this planet which earnestly continued with their sports programme against all odds, in order to provide children with the opportunity and encouragement to stay fit.There must have been several setbacks and surprises, but each was met with resilience and nimbleness as the school always found a way to bounce back. It was delightful to see DBIS not just stick to its core values and beliefs but use them like a compass to navigate in these tough times. And, we certainly discovered what our teachers are made of. While everyone struggled to keep their wits about them, our teachers maintained high professional standards – while also managing their own homes and children in this chaotic time. Dear Father, a couple of years ago, we remember you speaking about the strenna of ‘accompaniment’ and its importance. We saw it demonstated beautifully this year ! Our teachers were right next to our children, without letting physical or digital distance come in the way. They connected and showed immense patience in following through whenever more help was needed. They have not just been teachers, but true caregivers. A year like 2020 can deflate anybody and each child must have experienced moments which brought a slump in their morale and enthusiasm. However, the routine of the school provided an anchoring of normalcy and the optimism and die- hard enthusiasm of the teachers and school leadership provided the much needed emotional recharge for the children and helped them pull through. We will never really fathom how bad things could have become had there not been the daily presence of teachers and the comforting mood and tempo they provided to the day. Calamities test Character, and we can say proudly that not only did we pass the test but discovered several treasures of mind and spirit that DBIS possessed, which may have been hidden to the outside world. In this small way, we express our gratitude to this indomitable spirit of our teachers – which has kept the flame burning bright. We look forward to ending this year on a a high and after a well deserved summer break, see DBIS emerge stronger, nimbler and more spirited. May the experiences of this year boost us for years to come! Our Fondest Regards and Best wishes,

Smita & Ameya Naniwadekar — Parent