All the students have been divided into 4 houses namely, Amethyst, Peridot, Sapphire and Citrine.
All in-house festivals will be inter - house. Students participating in various events will be contributing winning points to their respective houses.


Head Girl's Message

Dear Boscoites,

From the first year of the inception of DBIS in 2013, since grade 2, I have witnessed this school grow into a progressive institute developing several talented and successful individuals. This school has provided me with numerous opportunities and facilities to enhance my skills as well. I have always dreamt of serving this school for the greater good and always set high standards. Being the head girl isn't about being better than anyone else, but is about winning the trust of the student body and representing them with honesty and determination. With the zeal, confidence, encouragement, and enthusiasm this school has given me,I feel obliged to serve my alma mater to the best of my ability.... I consider it my duty to contribute to take DBIS to the zenith of excellence and set an effective example for my fellow students, especially the younger graders.

DBIS has recognized every student as a Jewel and has worked to polish it to sparkle with Brilliance. As said by our patron St. Don Bosco “It is not enough to love the young; they must know that they are loved” the management and staff of DBIS work tirelessly to make every student feel loved and worthy. Our school provides every student with new arrays of experiences. Right from academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, our school brings forth exposure, developing a compassionate and at the same time, a competitive spirit, thus preparing us for all challenges we might face in the future.

School is our second home, here at DBIS the hardworking and empathetic management and staff have left no stone unturned to make us students feel at home. Our school strives to inculcate countless values within us, it is thereby our duty to have a sense of belonging towards and school and represent it victoriously for its holistic progress. DBIS has set the trail for us to learn, innovate and transform and we must all do so unitedly with our head held high. I believe that there is no limitation to what we can achieve if we do it with sincerity. Let's take our school to great heights of success. We will travel this road together and work in unison to keep the DBIS flag soaring high up in the sky, mounted with compassion, hoisted with dignity, and fluttering with grace. We must concede that one can go faster alone but go further together with a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

Thank you and All the best!
-Alethia Rodrigues (Head Girl)

Head Boy's Message

‘The light at the end of the tunnel’. This is what we said a month or so into this pandemic and yet here we are, nearly two years of social distancing, masks, and face shields later. To this very day, many of us still say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, this is partly because of new developments like vaccines and better treatments for the virus, but the main factor playing a part is ‘hope’. To hope is to wish for a positive outcome to a certain scenario. For most people, hope has been the only thing keeping us optimistic and positive during this hard time. If there was no hope, our world would be a barren wasteland of solitude filled only with dead dreams and despair. Hope is the force driving our minds and souls, reminding us not to give up and not to give in. ...

Although some of the members of the Council were already accustomed to the new way of carrying out their duties online, we had to adapt to some of the growing pains with this new system.With the rollout of vaccines for the 15- to 18-year-olds, the prospect of going back to school soon seems more and more likely than it did before. If everything goes according to plan and we are back at school, one of the main duties of the Council would be to help get students accustomed to the old system once again and to sort out any new problems that may arise with the return to physical school.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming academic year. We have the introduction of DBIS clubs, where students can interact and share ideas of common interests like gaming, content creation, and sports. We aim to address the reluctance in reporting bullying via the implementation of the newly introduced ‘Mentor Program.’ These are initiatives taken up by Council members while working in tandem with the management. We are definitely going to be seeing a lot of interesting things pan out this year.

Although this pandemic caused a ripple effect on many aspects of our life, we will get through it sooner or later. This is not something I hope for, but something I am confident will happen. Hope, like faith, in the words of Tagore, “is the bird who feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."

As future leaders and responsible citizens our students are motivated to speak with measure and without fear, being mindful, always God bless all our students to Create, Innovate and Transform at DBIS.

Thank you and All the best!
Tarun Moizuddin (Head Boy)


Council Members 2022

Head Boy

Tarun Moizuddin

Assistant Head Boy

Aarush Kamdar

Junior Head Boy

Aaron Panjikaran

Head Girl

Alethia Rodrigues

Assistant Head Girl

Suhaani Jain

Junior Head Girl

Tiana Parekh


House Captain

Naiesha Ukaji

Assistant House Captain

Sakshi Bhatikar

Junior House Captain

Zidaan Wadia

Junior Assistant House Captain

Saee Paranjype

Sports Captain

Keven Pereira

House Captain

Mallishka Dedhia

Assistant House Captain

Moksh Shah

Junior House Captain

Reya Shriram

Junior Assistant House Captain

Ishaan Mookim

Sports Captain

Krupa Mulki

House Captain

Anshita Nishar

Assistant House Captain

Shlok Chandak

Junior House Captain

Vyom Bafna

Junior Assistant House Captain

Khushii Haria

Sports Captain

Prateet Chheda

House Captain

Divyaan Modi

Assistant House Captain

Diyan Chandarana

Junior House Captain

Reyansh Khialani

Junior Assistant House Captain

Riddhi Korgaonkar

Sports Captain

Krishna Anchan


Syd Dhawan

Aaleiya Rebello

Shriddhi Agrawal

Spandana Yagnick

Vrinda Pandya

Zen Sadavarte

Shruti Narayanswamy

Annika Lohchab

Leadership Camp

The Leadership Camp at Don Bosco Lonavala was an enriching experience.
The journey began with an early morning bus ride which began from Don Bosco Matunga. The journey was comprised of a ton of songs, a barrel of laughs, and some singing and dancing. It was an apt start to a day that would be packed with enjoyable activities, all cultivated and conducted by the priests at Don Bosco Lonavala.

Our arrival at Don Bosco Lonavala was welcomed by the Respected Father Blany of Don Bosco Lonavala. We were briefed by Father Joyston and shown to our dormitories for the night. After settling down and freshening up from the journey, we made our way to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast. We were introduced to Brother Alistair at breakfast, who would be conducting most of our sessions. Post breakfast, we were made to play an extremely cleverly thought game, to bring out the true leaders in us. The name of the game was ‘Save the World’. It taught us discipline, it taught us patience, and it taught us teamwork. It also taught us to make sacrifices and make split-second decisions, some things which are crucial for every leader to inculcate in their day-to-day tasks.

After the energizing and ice-breaking game, we underwent a guided meditation process conducted by Father Ranson, an expert in the field. Post the calming experience, we underwent several sessions some of which included the six thinking hats required by leaders and traits of a leader conducted by Father Joyston, Father Blany, and Brother Alistair respectively. After a scrumptious lunch, we headed back to our dormitories for a quick rest, and thereafter we headed off towards the trek.

The trek, through the eyes of the students, was the most enjoyable experience of all. The photography challenge gave us a chance to unleash our creative sides. Our treasure hunt allowed us all to bond with our teams. We reached the end of our trek at the picturesque Tungarli Dam, overlooking the vast lake and mountains behind it. After some snacks and a mini photo session later, we headed back to Don Bosco Lonavala.

A short break later from the numerous sessions and activities that were planned by the priests and teachers at Don Bosco Lonavala, we headed to a delicious supper prepared by the talented cooks at the boarding school. We were taken for a short session by Father Joyston post supper, and after that, we were taken for some wonderful team activities held in the quadrangle of the school. Singing, dancing, and competitive spirit surrounded us in the darkness of the night while we enjoyed the night away, enjoying the company of our fellow leaders.

Time passed and we headed back to our dormitories, thoroughly exhausted but satisfied fully with the experiences of the day.

We awoke early in the morning, refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for the activities the day had to offer. We started the day off on a slightly more somber note, with a session being conducted beautifully by Brother Alistair on how to handle and conduct ourselves as leaders on Social Media. This was the most relevant session that was conducted and hit hard amongst all the students who were social media users. It made us question the very idea behind social media and how it controls most of our lives. After this impacting session, we were introduced to Fr. Xavier, lovingly called ‘Baba’ by most at Don Bosco Lonavala. He gave us the hard-hitting reality of his life story, and how he dedicated his life to protecting the youth from drug abuse. After his session, we visited his facility for drug-riddled youth and witnessed the hard-hitting reality of drug abuse and how it affects so many lives. Still reeling in the effects of these very real and serious sessions of the morning, we headed over to our last lunch at Don Bosco Lonavala. We were taken for a tour across the massive campus, and thereafter we boarded our bus back to Mumbai, departing highly satisfied with the experience and with a smile on our faces.

The entire jam-packed experience was an experience to remember for each and every student who attended the trip. The warmth of the Salesian priests at Don Bosco Lonavala was unforgettable and the thought behind each and every activity was something profound and deep. A huge thank you to each and every one who made this trip possible.
Signing off,

Aarush Kamdar - Assistant Head Boy