From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Don Bosco’s message of care and pastoral duties has never been in so much need as of now and DBIS has reached out, practicing charity, through love and respect.

On the academic front, we are carefully monitoring GRs and other circulars from State Education authorities. Frequent changes, for example ban on online classes for pre-primary to revoking the ban, has not severely affected us, as we, with the Parent’s approval, managed to conduct Virtual classes for all sections of the school. From the feedback that we received and articles from educational sites, learning in virtual classes has better retention as well as helps in parent-child bonding. I thank the parents for their support and cooperation.

DBIS has pursued curricular and co-curricular activities with the same enthusiasm as was done when students were physical present in school. In most of the Grades across the school the day starts with a Physical Education class invigorating  the youngsters preparing them to receive the planned curricular activities with a fresh mind; in some of the grades PE happens in between  sessions where the movements help the students to reactivate their locked muscles after sitting for long hours in the same position.For co-curricular activities, virtual house meetings were held during which the students enrolled for the activities of their choice.The co-curricular activities planned for the month will be listed on the almanac shared with Students and Parents every month.Our council members have created google classrooms for their respective Houses where the house activities are also shared by them with the students of their house so the competition between the houses continues on the Virtual Platform. DBIS will leave no stone unturned to make the Virtual classroom  a real one for our students. Along with the co-curricular activities in the secondary section, our associates, Callido, is preparing our students with the skills required for the 21st century learners.

We had our first major co-curricular activity – a virtual MUN session. Model United Nations is an activity that seeks to replicate the functioning of the United Nations.  It is a multi-dimensional skill set which empowers the student and shapes their attitude. The entire MUN session was organized by the students; with the teachers as distant observers. A plethora of skills get fine-tuned by the time the session is over and redefine the student. As promised we have started with our first batch of IBDP with our class of 15 students .The year began with a foundation programme to prepare our  students with the Skill sets required for the IBDP programme.  The regular classes have started from 29th June on the virtual platform. In the midst of the pandemic and adapting to the new normal, we do realise that the mental health of our students is of utmost importance hence we have started with well-being sessions conducted by our counsellors Ms Bindu Chadha and Ms Upasana Soni across the school.

We are continuously evaluating the situation for reopening of school; it will be done only after we get official permission from the state to allow students to attend school. The fathers at Don Bosco join us in prayers that we support each other and emerge from this new normal, unbruised, richer in resilience and stronger in bonding.

Take care, Be Safe, Stay home.

Ms. Meena Saldanha

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