Director's Message

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

Welcome to all of you to this new academic year 2018-2019. DBIS is now four years old and the steady impact of the school on the neighbourhood and the city hasn’t gone unnoticed. We keep growing, and this June we begin the 9th grade. Having taken over as the Director of the school last year, I had the good fortune to interact with many of you and help the institution evolve. My sincere thanks to the Principal, Mrs. Meena Saldhana, the Associate Principal, Mrs. Aruna Shetty and all staff members for their efforts to see through a very enriching and fruitful year.

If there is one thing constant in DBIS, it is change. Much change has materialized over the last one year. We have completed our authorization visit for the PYP, a new elegant library is in place, and our staff has undergone training and engaged in several sessions to prepare for this new academic year.

As is the practice every year, our Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, has given us a ‘Strenna’ for this year (2018). It reads “LET US CULTIVATE THE ART OF LISTENING AND ACCOMPANIMENT”.  The call is to listen and accompany each other as we journey towards growth and well-being. May we focus on our Vision and Mission to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Sports has always played an important role in the life of a DBIS student. Our parents too have become sporty. We have upgraded our sports facilities as also the sports program. In Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas, we have a new Sports Director. Congratulations to all who have made DBIS proud on the sports field.

The Handbook has been prepared with great care and thought, keeping in mind what is best for our students and the institution. Let us leaf through its contents with care and be attentive to the guidelines that will enable us to have a smooth and effective year ahead. Let us always aspire to be true learners, innovators and transformers.

May God bless each of us as we begin this new academic year.

Father Crispino D’souza, sdb