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DBIS Primary – Debate Challenge

By admin_school | Dec 18, 2020 | DBIS News

On 12 December, 2020 we witnessed 16 anxious young minds waiting for their first ever primary debate challenge. The topic ‘Peer pressure is a good influence on people’ saw Citrine and Amethyst house for the motion while the Sapphire and Peridot houses opposed the motion. We saw some thought provoking speeches from our little wonders which were practical, logical and backed by some hard hitting evidence. Some compelling arguments left one convinced while some empathic responses tickled your intellectual senses in the rebuttal round. Amidst all this, our little ones held their head high and gave it their best shot. Peridot won the debate while Tara Rastogi’s closing argument showed us what good looks like and was also declared as the best speaker. Aaron Panjikaran stole our heart with his brilliant, on point questioning skills and Tiana Parekh’s calm and cool demeanour while handling the rebuttal. Here is a glimpse of the performance by our young and dynamic PYP stars. We promise you too will be floored by their wit. So here it goes.

To watch the video Please visit here.