Bosco Community Sports Club

The BCSC is an initiative of the Sports Dept. in collaboration with the DBIS management. The BCSC plays an important role in the Sports Department`s objective of creating a dynamic and vibrant sports ecosystem in the school.

Bosco Community Sports Club
The club will be a non-profit organization and all activities and sports conducted are Leisure and Fun activities. Events are organized twice a month on weekends and school holidays.

“Sports - a medium to bring the community together and make a difference”

Quote : Edgar Mascarenhas, Sports Director, DBIS

Its tagline, BUILDING UNBREAKABLE BONDS, aptly covers all its objectives listed below :


  • To build bridges between the stakeholders of DBIS.

  • To foster community connections.

  • To build teamwork.

  • To promote Physical Activity through a variety of leisure sports activities and games.

  • To develop a sense of Healthy Competition.

  • To contribute and make a difference to the local community.

Who can become members :
Students of DBIS and their families, Faculty members and their families, Alumni may opt to become members of the BCSC.

There are 5 CLUBS within the structure of the BCSC. Each clubs activities are listed below.

  • Activity Clubs : Walkers, Runners, Cycling, Trekking, Skating.
  • Sports Clubs : Cricket, Basketball, Football.
  • Fitness Clubs : Yoga, Dance.
  • Sporting Smiles : Outreach Program Bringing a smile to the under privileged kids of the locality.
  • Tele - Games : Fun Community Games – Team Building Games.