Community Partnership

Parental Involvement   — for community paternership  

We encourage parents to attend special events (e.g. performances, celebrations etc.), participate in events (e.g. Student Led Conferences, parent workshops) and to share their talents and skills with the school community by offering to come in as a special guest or guest lecturer.

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the school community
The objectives are to support the Mission, Philosophy and Aims of the school, as well as support and enrich the school community by:

  • Encouraging parents to promote, organize and support school cultural events
  • Promoting the image of the school within their respective communities
  • Organising social events to foster links with the community, including welcoming new parents.
  • Engaging in curriculum activities such as listening to children read, helping in the school libraries, helping with extra-curricular activities, participating in the reading-next-door program, being guest lecturers etc.
  • Assisting the faculty in encouraging extra-curricular activities by making use of the varied talents of the parent community