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Annual Thanks Giving Day 2017-18

Brave heart of DBIS!

August 22nd, 2018, Mumbai and Zen Sadavarte. A date, a name, a place in history. As flames engulfed a flat on the 15th floor of Crystal Towers while the asphyxiating smoke did it’s best to choke the residents on same

Independence Day Celebration

Happy Independence Day!!

DBIS Interhouse Dance Festival

On Account of Independence Day, the theme for dance festival was patriotism

Declamation Interhouse Festival (Primary)

Declamation requires students to select a speech that was delivered in public and perform an excerpt of that speech to the audience.

Bhandardara Trek

To celebrate and enjoy the monsoons, DBIS took the Secondary section students to Bhandardara.

Green [email protected]

Pre-primary celebrates Green Day!!