Our Classrooms are ergonomically designed to ensure our children are comfortable depending on  the subjects they learn and the grade they are in. Younger students have lower chairs and tables and these will be come increasingly more functional when the child goes to higher grades.

All our classrooms will be wifi enabled and each classroom will have a multimedia projector available for teachers to use and build rapport with students.



To encourage creativity and also improve their kinaesthetic skills, we have built two areas for dance and arts. Each of these facilities has dedicated staff and is an opportunity for students to understand themselves and explore potential areas for their own growth.


The IT lab is well equipped with the latest computers and software. These are all networked. Selective internet access will be made available based on curriculum requirements.

Reading books encourages children to explore the world though their imagination. Our library is designed to help children access what they need and in the format they can best absorb the info.

The School has access to hockey, football and basketball courts besides a newly laid astro turf area.