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Don Bosco International School at Matunga, Mumbai, provides a unique learning experience by bringing together the very best in the Don Bosco and International Systems of Education, that helps children grow into outstanding global citizens.

About Us

The Don Bosco Society is an international organization dedicated to the service of children and youth, especially through the field of education. Founded in 1859 by Don Bosco, an Italian saint-educator, the Don Bosco Society is now present in 132 countries across the world. In 1906 the Don Bosco Society started working in India. The first Don Bosco School was set up in Mumbai in 1928.


Director’s Message

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

Welcome to the start of another academic year 2020-21. In spite of the onslaught of the Covid19 pandemic, we managed to successfully complete 2019-20. Kudos to our Principal and her team of committed staff that went into overdrive to see that portions were completed and the students were kept engaged through online teaching during this unprecedented lockdown period. We also congratulate our first batch of 10 th graders who came out with flying colours in the IGCSE examinations held in March 2020…

Our School Affairs

Our school has all the offering for our students which includes transportation, food, living houses and uniforms





Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Don Boscoโ€™s message of care and pastoral duties has never been in so much need as of now and DBIS has reached out, practicing charity, through love and respect.

On the academic front, we are carefully monitoring GRs and other circulars from State Education authorities. Frequent changes, for example ban on online classes for pre-primary to revoking the ban, has not severely affected us, as we, with the Parentโ€™s approval, managed to conduct Virtual classes for all sections of the school. From the feedback that we received and articles from educational sites, learning in virtual classes has better retention as well as helps in parent-child bonding. I thank the parents for their support and cooperation.


Latest News


Dear Fr. Crispino, Meena Maโ€™am,

As we looked at the latest Almanac, we realised that itโ€™s almost a year since Covid disrupted the usual functioning of the school. This year has been a topsy turvy one, though one where we as parents got a nice glimpse of the classroom and experienced how DBIS went about responding to an unprecedented situation for which nobody in the world had a ready answer. We take a moment to share a small bit out of the many things we learnt, and we highlight the one thing that stood out above all. First and foremost, it was evident that DBIS was unfazed and responded with a lot of careful deliberation and planning. Challenges were met with ingenuity, experimentation and bold steps forward; such as the online communication and interaction portals which made sure that everyone moves ahead in step and beat.DBIS maintained a high bar in academics, added several wonderful new teachers to the team and was possibly among the few schools on this planet which earnestly continued with their sports programme against all odds, in order to provide children with the opportunity and encouragement to stay fit.
There must have been several setbacks and surprises, but each was met with resilience and nimbleness as the school always found a way to bounce back. It was delightful to see DBIS not just stick to its core values and beliefs but use them as a compass to navigate in these tough times. And, we certainly discovered what our teachers are made of. While everyone struggled to keep their wits about them, our teachers maintained high professional standards – while also managing their own homes and children in this chaotic time. Dear Father, a couple of years ago, we remember you speaking about the strenna of โ€˜accompanimentโ€™ and its importance. We saw it demonstrated beautifully this year! Our teachers were right next to our children, without letting physical or digital distance come in the way. They connected and showed immense patience in following through whenever more help was needed. They have not just been teachers, but true caregivers. A year like 2020 can deflate anybody and each child must have experienced moments that brought a slump in their morale and enthusiasm. However, the routine of the school provided an anchoring of normalcy and the optimism and die-hard enthusiasm of the teachers and school leadership provided the much needed emotional recharge for the children and helped them pull through.
We will never really fathom how bad things could have become had there not been the daily presence of teachers and the comforting mood and tempo they provided to the day. Calamities test Character, and we can say proudly that not only did we pass the test but discovered several treasures of mind and spirit that DBIS possessed, which may have been hidden to the outside world. In this small way, we express our gratitude to this indomitable spirit of our teachers – which has kept the flame burning bright. We look forward to ending this year on a high and after a well-deserved summer break, see DBIS emerge stronger, nimbler and more spirited.

May the experiences of this year boost us for years to come! Our Fondest Regards and Best wishes

Smita & Ameya Naniwadekar


Dear Meena Ma’am,

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your entire team for organizing theseย webinars for us parents and also for our children. During these absolutely unprecedentedย times it’s really hearting to know that the school management is aware of the challenges that we parent’s and also are kids our facing. The empathy and the awareness to address these underlying issues is what sets DBIS apart from all other school.
We are absolutely blessed and proud to be a part of such an amazing educational family. I would also like to mention that we are elated with the way the school has managed to put into effect such an effective and successful platform for online education, including keeping our kids fit and active. The fitness challenge really helped the kids push themselves out of their complacency. We truly appreciate all the efforts and hardwork put in by the teachers, staff and managementย team to make this an easy transition for us and our kids.
The transition for our child from grade 5 to grade 6 has been remarkably smooth. The hardwork and efforts put in by the teachers has been outstanding. The teaching, the practice, the revisions everything has been par excellence.ย 
Thank you once again and wishing you and your team all the best.
God Bless.
Tina and Jayesh Faria


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